Teams in Giki Zero Pro

Teams exist within Giki Zero Pro accounts and are managed by Organization and Team admins.

• Organization admins – can create teams, access each team, download information, invite people to the organization and allocate people to teams.

• Team admins – can access and download team leaderboards and allocate people to their team.

How to Create Teams in Giki Zero Pro 

As a Giki Zero Pro admin you can create teams within your Organizations Pro account.  Here's how:

1) In the admin area for your Pro account select the 'Teams' option from the menu bar and then click on the plus symbol to start creating your teams.

2) Enter the names of the teams that you would like to create, making sure that there is only one name per line. You can paste in direct from a spreadsheet, or enter manually. Click 'Review'. 

3) Check your team names are correct and then click 'Create Teams'.

4) You will now see your list of team names appear in your account. You can view the members within each team by clicking on 'view' next to the team name or if you wish to delete the team then click on the team name so it is highlighted & then click the trash icon in the top right.

If you wish to edit team names:

1. Select the team you wish to edit by going to your organisation settings, and selecting teams tab. Here you can find the relevant teams you wish to edit.

2. Go to settings within the relevant team admin area

3. Edit the name, and save changes

Allocating people to teams

As an Admin user navigate to your Organizational Admin Dashboard at the bottom of your company page in Giki.

1) Select the Teams tab. Here you can enter single or multiple emails in a list format and then choose a team name from the dropdown to automatically assign these users to the team.

All users allocated to a new team and already signed up to Giki will receive an email to let them know which team they have been allocated to and to ask them to sign in. They will then be assigned into their team when they next sign in. If they do not yet have a Giki account then they will be sent the same email but it will ask them to sign up.

2) Team admins can also assign users to their team. The only difference is that there is no dropdown of team names and the user will automatically be assigned to the team of the admin user.

If the user chooses to remove themselves from a team, the platform will respect the users wishes and they will no longer appear in the team the next time they sign in.

Allowing members to choose teams 

As a Giki Zero Pro admin you can Create a Teams Sign Up Link using the following steps:

Go to your organisation admin page, choose "Settings" and switch 'public teams sign up' to "On".

There is the option to set a requirement for verification, but the simplest and quickest way for users to join a team is to leave this switched "off".

2) Now, when a member of your organisation visits your organisation's Giki Zero Pro account they will see an option to 'join teams' has appeared in the menu.

3) When a member clicks on 'Join Teams' a list of your organisation teams will appear and they can select which team they want to join. 

4)  When a member selects the team they want to join and clicks 'Join Team' they will immediately become a member of that team.

(NB: If the verification options have been switched "On" for either the public sign up link or teams sign up, a request to join will be sent for approval before the person can join.)

Compulsory Teams 

As a Giki Zero Pro admin you can follow these steps to make it compulsory for people in your organisation to join a team:

Step 1: Create Teams - follow above steps

Step 2: Turn on compulsory team sign up using the following steps:

1) Go to your organization admin page and choose "settings".  First you will need to turn on  'Public Team Sign Up' by switching this to "On".

2) Next switch 'Compulsory Team' to "On" and click 'Save Changes'.

3) Now when an individual signs up as a member of your organisation's Pro account or, if they are an existing member but not yet joined a team, they will be automatically directed to your 'Join Teams' page the next time they try to access the organizations Pro account. They will not be able to progress to your organisation's Pro page until they have selected a team to join.

Remove members

If you have a Giki Zero Pro account and are an Organizational Admin you can remove people from accounts and teams. To do so, from your Organizational Admin Dashboard go to the Members tab select the name and then click on the 'trash' icon at the top of the list.

It will ask you if you are sure before you continue. You can double check at this point that the user you are removing has been highlighted in grey.

Joining multiple teams 

People can be in any number of teams. Their score will show in each team, but they will only be counted once at organizational level.

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