Customising your Giki Zero Pro Account

Updating your Company name, logo and banner 

If you've got Giki Zero Pro and you're an organisation admin you can choose to update your banner and logo to customise the Pro area.

Watch THIS video to see how to update your banner.

Watch THIS video to see how to update your logo.

Creating Org and Teams logos 

As a Giki Zero Pro admin you can change the logo that appears for each of your organizations teams.  If you are a Team admin you are able to change the logo for the team that you are an admin for.  Here's how to do it:

1) First create a logo image. This must be 1200px wide by 1200px tall and make sure it is either a PNG or JPG file. A great way to do this is using a design app such as Canva, which is free and easy to use.

2) Once you have created your logo, navigate to the admin page for the team you want to add it to.

3) In the settings tab for your selected team you can then add or change the logo.

4) On the following screen click 'Change' and then choose the logo file that you want to upload.  Click 'Save' and your new logo will now appear.

Setting up Challenges 

As a Giki Zero Pro admin you can set up, and run, your own challenges. 

1) Go to your Organization Admin Dashboard and choose "Challenges"

2) Switch Challenges to "Run By You"

Please Note: By switching your organizations challenges setting to "Run By You", you will turn off the Giki campaigns that appear automatically on your Pro members personal Progress page. Giki campaigns will remain off until you switch the organization campaign setting to "Run by Giki".  Remember to reset it to 'Run By Giki' once the challenge has ended' 

3) Under 'Your Challenges' you can either use one of the Giki's templates for a Challenge or Create a Challenge 

a) The easiest option is to use one of the Giki templates, select the challenge and select the Clone Challenge option. You can then edit the dates, title, and description.  

b) If you want to select the Create a Challenge option you will need to enter all of these sections from scratch. 

You can then set a target from one of the three options. If you choose to Display Publicly then anyone in your Pro account will be able to see the target and progress throughout the challenge. You can opt to only see this as admin if you do not want to display this publicly.   

You can then review, add or remove steps from the template and preview the challenge.  

4) Once you are happy with your challenge you can publish it, it will then be shown to users between the start and end dates. 

Note: After it has started you will not be able to edit the dates of the challenge or targets anymore.

Your challenge is now ready, head to your Home page on the start date to see how it looks and take a step! 

As ever, any questions, please email us.

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